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vertical parking system


    Contact NowCRADLE TYPECradle parking equipment adopting lifting mechanism to park in and pick up vehicles. This system can be used on the special small space and family garage aboveground , with two parking spaces provided in each row of the standard system.


    Contact NowPARKING STACKERParking Stacker is a simple lifting parking system, which uses lifting pallets to park vehicles vertically. This type of garage can be installed on the ground or under the ground. Also, the system can be combined with pit system for storing more cars below the ground.


    Contact NowLIFT SLIDINGLift sliding multi-level parking garage is a simple and effective parking system that makes auto parking happen through the lifting and sliding of the carrier. This parking system is more commonly used in the market. It can be installed on the ground or in the basement. We...

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