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To Celebrate The New Year: Shaanxi Longxiang Group 2016 Years Will End

The evening of January 15th, "2016 Longxiang group" elite gathered Long Xiang Wanli "theme will be successfully concluded. Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co., Ltd. chairman Feng Xiaolong, President Xiao Xiaofeng and senior leadership group, the partner group and 300 employees attended the group's annual meeting.


Longxiang Group Chairman Feng Xiaolong, CEO Xiao Xiaofeng delivered a passionate speech, be sure to a year's work, and in 2017 the work of great expectations. Followed by the 3D laser dance opening, ignited the audience's passion. In the wake of the stage performances, each Longxiang presented a section of the elite brilliant show, dance, comedy, singing and other forms of people dizzying, demonstrating Long Xiang's lively, positive and upward vitality. At the same time, Longxiang group in each program interspersed scene suspense big draw, mountain bike, washing machine and other awards attracted everyone applause and scream





The annual meeting, Longxiang group also carried out awards for superior performance of departments and employees to work in 2016, and were awarded the "Star", "sales champion", "excellent team", "good management", "outstanding newcomer", "technological innovation" and a dozen awards, a total of 48 A number of company executives. The winners were awarded trophies, certificates and bonuses.


Finally, in laughter, in the dust of song, the whole year will come to an end. This is a unity of the party, but also a return of the feast, thanks to all the people and friends from all walks of life to Longxiang group business support and dedication, in the new year, Shaanxi Longxiang parking equipment group will be adhering to the pioneering and enterprising spirit, do not forget the original intention, Lu concentric force, writing a new brilliant!

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