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Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2014.The group owns several holding subsidiaries such as Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.,Shaanxi Longxiang Parking Industry Co.,Ltd.and Huaxia Jiuzhou IoT Technology Co.,Ltd.Our main business includes parking equipment manufacturing,parking industry investment and financing,and parking lot operation management.We are a technology-based enterprise that serves the whole transportation industry.
As a major part of Longxiang Investment Holding Group,Longxiang Parking Equipment Group is dedicated to R&D,manufacturing,installation and maintenance of stereo garage and intelligent parking equipment.Our company has applied for more than 300 national patents,which have been used in various fields of intelligent transportation system.We have deeply participated in drafting national standards of parking equipment industry.Our latest products,AGV robotic parking system,MAX parking system,city-bus parking system,bicycle parking system,and charging technology for new energy vehicle,have all stand in world leading position.