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vehicle parking system

  • Vertical Automated Parking Garage

    Contact NowVertical Automated Parking GarageThe tower-type vertical automated parking garage adopts PLC control and management to achieve a high degree of automation of the vehicle parking functions, and quickly and accurately complete car lifting, leveling, positioning, taking and sending.

  • Speedy Car Parking System

    Contact NowSpeedy Car Parking SystemThe tower-type speedy car parking system adopts the principle and structure similar to the elevator. The driver only needs to park the car at the entrance, and the car lifter will automatically lift and carry the vehicle to the nearest empty parking space to complete the...

  • Shuttling Automatic Parking System

    Contact NowShuttling Automatic Parking SystemA parking system which moves the vehicle horizontally for access. A multi-storey parking system can be built with a combination of such system and vehicle lifts. With this intelligent parking system, the vehicle can be parked appropriately only if it is stopped at the...

  • Automatic Car Robot Parking System

    Contact NowAutomatic Car Robot Parking SystemThe tower-type automatic car robot parking system is a kind of three-dimensional parking equipment with a higher degree of automation.

  • Advanced Parking Automation Systems

    Contact NowAdvanced Parking Automation SystemsThe tower-type advanced parking automation system is a kind of three-dimensional parking equipment with a higher degree of automation. Its operating principle is to lift the vehicle or the loading plate to a specified floor through a lifting mechanism

  • Vertical Circulating Parking System

    Contact NowVertical Circulating Parking SystemVertical Circulating Parking System The motor drives the transmission mechanism through a speed reducer, and a storage bracket is arranged at a certain distance from the chain of the traction mechanism. When the motor is started, the carriage bracket is used for circulating...

  • Tower Automatic Parking System

    Contact NowTower Automatic Parking SystemTypically called elevator-type parking system (or tower-type parking system), this vertical lifting parking system is a mechanical parking equipment using lifting and sliding mechanism to lift and slide the vehicle carrying board and eventually to park in or pick up vehicles....

  • Traveling Stack Parking System

    Contact NowTraveling Stack Parking SystemTraveling Stack Parking System/PXD-N-LX Mechanical parking system for parking in and picking up vehicles with aisle stacking crane and dolly car moving horizontally and vertically in the aisle. As the intelligent parking equipment, the system is able to park the vehicle in a...

  • Collision-avoidance Parking System

    Contact NowCollision-avoidance Parking SystemCollision-avoidance Parking System/PSSL-2-LX Compared with other systems, this system has a great advantage which is no need to reserve space. Independent parking is valid on the first storey just like the traditional horizontal parking. For other storeys, the vehicle...

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