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Lift Sliding Parking System

LiftSliding Parking Systemis a simple and effective parking system that makes automated parking happens through lifting and sliding the carriers.It can be installed on the ground orin the basement.We provide multiple choices of parking levels(2 levels to 6 levels)
Product description
LiftSliding Parking Systemis a simple and effective parking system that makes automated parking happens through lifting and sliding the carriers.It can be installed on the ground orin the basement.We provide multiple choices of parking levels(2 levels to 6 levels).Also,the system can be combined with pit system for storing more vehicles below the ground.
★ Space Saving-Elimination of ramps and driving lanes;reduction in ceiling heights.
★ Automatic Control System-Less waiting time,minor parking lot damage,more secured parking environment.
★ Low Cost-Shorter construction time due to only minimal ventilation and lighting systems are needed.
★ Environment-friendly-Less energy consumption and lower noise.
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