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Smart Bus Parking System

Common automatic parking garage cannot fulfill the safe parking for buses as the length
and weight.Longxiang smart bus parking garage is specially designed for 12-meter buses
Product description
Common automatic parking garage cannot fulfill the safe parking for buses as the length and weight.Longxiang smart bus parking garage is specially designed for 12-meter buses,and it can bear a weight of 18,000kg in each parking unit.Charging point is provided in each parking unit,which means there is no need to spend extra time to queue for charging the battery.You can just park your bus after work and the bus will be charged from the parking unit directly.
★ Intelligent system—fully automatic running,no duty staff needed.
★ Space efficient—multiplies parking capacity inside the parking garage.
★ Safety guarantee—remote monitoring system equipped.
★ High efficiency—automatic bus parking will be done within 4 minutes.
★ Convenient charging—charging point is equipped in each parking unit.
★ Convenient repairing—repairing station is equipped at ground floor.
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
Shaanxi Longxiang
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