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Baoji City Investment Company

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Client background:Baoji City Investment Co.,Ltd.is a wholly state-owned company affiliated to the municipal government.It is responsible for the asset operation and investment of the city.The main business includes urban construction and infrastructure investment,industrial investment,transportation investment,culture&education investment,tourism investment,ecological investment,real estate development,property management,etc.
Challenge:In recent years,with the increasing number of cars,parking problem has become a hot topic that discussed by many car owners.In February 2017,Hui Jincai,the mayor of Baoji,made a promise in the government work report:investing 500 million Chinese Yuan to build 6,000 public parking spaces in the urban area to ease the"difficult parking".
Solution:This garage is a fully automatic vertical lift parking system covering an area of 90m2 and a height of 51.8m.The space utilization rate is high and the running speed can reach 2m/s.Timerequired for parking or retrieving are within 70 seconds,and it can park 100 vehicles(include 68 extra-large parking spaces).Thephotoelectric detection devices and other safety devices are equipped.The outside surface material ofthe garage is silicon-magnesium-aluminum alloy insulation board,which is with a highfire prevention level.