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IPMI & Longxiang in the United States

2019/06/20 11:47
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The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is the world’s largest association of professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility. It works to advance the parking and mobility profession through professional development, research and data collection, advocacy and outreach, and with experts from around the world in dozens of specialties to make sure parking and transportation function efficiently.




The IPMI Conference & Expo brings together more than 3,500 professionals from 30+ countries around the globe, representing every level of experience and segment of the parking, transportation, and mobility industry.




With the demand for smarter cities, technology integration, data analytic and the way people generally move in our communities; the parking, transportation and mobility industry is rapidly changing.



Longxiang parking group provide the audience with insights on the latest smart parking systems. Carrying a full range of our intelligent products: AGV robotic parking system, lift sliding parking system, vertical lift parking system, chargeable bus parking system, and smart parking system for bicycles and motorcycles.




Through the exhibition, the Group has carried out a technical exchange with many industry authorities from all over the world. The innovation of technology and experience brought by other enterprises, has opened up ideas and promoted the further improvement for us.




In the future, Longxiang will continue to update the content and capabilities of intelligent manufacturing, create practical and intelligent parking equipment with "Chinese Style", let the world familiar with Longxiang’s manufacturing technology, let Longxiang become the business card of China's parking equipment manufacture.