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Longxiang in 2019 Saigon International Autotech & Accessories Show

2019/05/30 18:44
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On May 23, 2019, Longxiang group participated in the "2019 15th Saigon International Autotech & Accessories Show" held in Vietnam, with the latest smart garage products.



Vietnam currently has a total of 2 million cars, 37 million motorcycles, and an annual trade volume of 2.36 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.7%. According to the Vietnamese government research report "Vietnam Auto Industry 2020 Development Plan and 2030 Outlook", it is estimated that by 2020, the production of Vietnam will reach 227,000. By 2025, it will produce 466,000 vehicles; by 2030, it will produce nearly 63,000 vehicles (of which, there are 492,000 vehicles under 9 seats and 356,000 vehicles).



Take Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, for example, with a population of 7.7 million, 5 million motorcycles, and 500,000 cars on the road. Almost everyone owns a motorcycle, causing serious air pollution. In 2017, in order to fight pollution and traffic congestion, the government announced that by 2030 it will ban all "powered two-wheelers" - mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. It is conceivable that in Vietnam, with a total area of ​​only 330,000 square kilometers, the problem of parking difficulties has seriously affected or even threatened the healthy development of Vietnam's economy, transportation and people's lives.



The lift sliding parking system, AGV robotic parking system, vertical lift parking system and bicycle smart garage independently developed by Longxiang Group attracted the customers interests immediately. The smart charging motorcycle/electric garage is the absolute focus of the exhibition because of the Vietnamese travel habits. Such equipment has high intelligence, small footprint, simple operation, flexible site selection, beautiful appearance and good landscape. It can effectively enhance the overall image of the city and is very popular in the Vietnamese market.



Many Vietnamese companies and citizens have said that such products are tailor-made for the status of their city.