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Xi'an Railway Bureau

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Client background:Headquartered in Xi'an city,Xi'an Railway Bureau is a large state-owned enterprise,which is responsible for railway operation and construction.It is mainly engaged in railway passenger and cargo transportation services and it is one of the most important railway hubs in China.
Challenge:Xi'an Railway Bureau has more than 1000employees,butthe parking space is very limited.Parking has been a problem for a long time.
Solution:This garage is a fully automatic vertical lift parking system with an area of 258.42m2 and a height of 26.4m.It has elevenlevels above the ground and one underground level.The system is with a high utilization rate of space and the running speed can reach 60m/min.Time required for parking or retrieving are all within 90 seconds.This parking system adopted comb-exchange technology,along with computer control,vector frequency control,it can park 110 vehicles.With photoelectric detection devices and other safety devices,the system ensures the safety of people and vehicles.