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How To Punish Illegal Parking In Various Countries?

2019/02/28 10:02
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Shaanxi Longxiang Australia—If there is a tow truck sign in the no parking area,it means that the car is parked here will be directly towed away
Normally,the patrol officers will just write a ticket for illegally parking,and sometimes it will endorse the penalty points,but not directly towed away.
The amount of the fine depends on the specific characteristics of the area,such as Victoria,where Melbourne is located.If parking is prohibited in the school area,it will be fined 311 Australian dollar and endorsed 2 penalty points;if half the car is parked on the sidewalk,it will face a fine of 415 Australian dollars and 2 penalty points endorsed.
But not all the illegally parking is just a fine or a penalty points endorsed.If there is a tow truck sign in the no parking area,it means the car that are parked here will be directly towed away.
Shaanxi Longxiang Russia—Online banking and e-wallets can directly pay the fine,50%discount on special dates
According to Russia's latest road traffic laws,illegal parking in Russia is not only subject to fines but also deducted points.Parking at a bus stop or at a location less than 15 meters from the bus stop,is fined 3000 rubles.If the illegal vehicle is towed to the penalty parking lot,an additional parking fee of 1000 rubles is required,and the cost of tow truck service may be as high as 5000 rubles.
According to Chapter 12 and Article 28 of the Administrative Punishment Law,the driver will be deducted 1 point for every 100 rubles fine.If the driver violates the road traffic safety law 3 times or more and the penalty is deducted more than 200 points,the driver's license is revoked for 1 year or a fine of 10,000 rubles.
In terms of paying fines,if you pay a fine with your e-wallet account,you can enjoy a 50%discount on a special date.
In order to alleviate the problem of parking in the city center,Russia adopts the method of“carrots and sticks”.For example,for the parking in the city center,it is handled by direct towed away.In addition to the main roads,street parking is free in many old street communities.Many large supermarkets and shopping malls in the city center also have free parking areas for guests to enjoy the benefits.
United Kingdom—Specializing in the development of mobile applications,anonymous reporting of parking can earn bonuses
Shaanxi Longxiang What if I find someone illegally parking?A new mobile phone app in the UK is specifically designed to handle this situation.After installing the app on the phone,the owner can take pictures of the parked vehicles and report them anonymously,while earning a£10 report bonus.
In the UK,private companies that implement parking regulations on behalf of local governments will issue fines for illegal parking,which can be enforced by the“certified executives”of private companies through the small-term recovery procedures of the county courts.Enforcement is also a major step in the UK to rectify illegal parking.
If the patrol officer issues an"illegal parking fine notice"and the fine is not paid,the local government may issue a dunning notice to the owner,requesting payment within 28 days,and warn that 50%will be added if the payment is not made.