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Shenyang: more than a thousand new parking spaces to Changbai Island Park is no longer worry


In recent years, with a period of peace in the South Bank of Hunhe River and the beautiful natural environment and the Cherry Blossom Festival, rape flower festival, sunflower exhibition successfully held, attracting a large number of people come to Shenyang to play sports recreation, peace park, Changbai island Forest Park, Shenyang Museum of football has become a good place for recreation, the peak area of Japan receive visitors more than 80 thousand passengers. But to many people, the vehicle in a mess problem also gradually revealed.12 month 25 days, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned from the district government, the Changbai island Forest Park surrounding parking to solve the parking problem thoroughly, and peace will Delimit thousand parking spaces in the South West embankment along the line.


Built 1153 parking spaces


The reporter learned that, due to the previous lack of standardized management, resulting in every weekend, Changbai island Forest Park surrounding parking, parking chaos phenomenon is serious, because can not find a parking space, some people even simply parked the car in the middle of the road. Because the parking chaos rub accident caused more is to have occurred.


Heping District Urban Management Bureau vehicle administration office responsible person, in order to completely solve the parking problems in city, District Public Security Bureau under the guidance of the final designated parking spaces in the South West embankment along the south side of the West embankment, is vacant site reasonable planning, on the south side of green fence 7 meters, the laying of grass brick does not change green performance, built four parking area on both sides. The parking range from Shengli Bridge to Sanhao bridge, with the length of 3.5 km. At present, the project has been completed, completed a total of 1153 parking spaces.


Charge management standard 2¥ / hour


Then, the parking fee how close? Peace District Urban Management Bureau vehicle administration department official said, the South West embankment parking lot toll management standard is 2 ¥ / hour, that is, in order to facilitate the management fees, not for profit. It is worth mentioning that the parking lot will be implemented with the city of Shenyang the Public Security Bureau of Shenyang "and" Shenyang public APP network, Download APP and open the "parking lot" function can automatically guide to the park near the parking lot, the parking lot to accurately understand the real-time information and free parking spaces, and can use online payment software, enjoy free parking for one hour, effectively enhance the convenience of public parking. In addition, for To maximize the convenience of the public, the surrounding parking lot also set up a convenient service station, to provide free hot water station, emergency mobile phone charging, emergency kit services, allowing visitors to stop both intimate, and assured.


Before and after the Spring Festival in 2017 officially put into use


Reporters learned that the South Bank Road parking lot in January 1, 2017 will be put into trial operation, after the Spring Festival in 2017 officially put into use. The parking lot and put into use can greatly ease the traffic pressure surrounding the park, really let people orderly travel, tours of civilization.

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